Wynono Kwahu

Poems by Les Hounsell

Indigenous People

Across the world on every part of this land
live indigenous people as nature had planned
But as mankind rose from his knees to his feet
He look at other lands and schemed on how he could cheat

The people who lived on some of these lands
out of their country, leaving them nothing but outrages demands
The native lands of many countries were stolen in greed
Leaving the original people with no way to succeed

This is the past that needs answered and healed
To heal the bad blood that exists and cannot be concealed
We need to accept the crimes that our forefather's committed
For good or for bad the crimes must be admitted

If We hide from the truth ignoring the native peoples plight
Then we do an injustice to both ourselves and to what is truly right
The people whose roots are firmly rooting to their land
Should be respected for they are the people that mother nature had planned