Wynono Kwahu

Poems by Les Hounsell

We Fought As A Nation

We have fought on battlefields all over this world
In the sky the Scottish banners have always uncurled
Our blood was spilled on many foreign shores
Spilled in the fight to open freedoms door

Now the time has come to lay down our Claymores
To drop the shield spilling blood no more
Our people have traveled to every part of mans ground
No matter where we travel our spirit cannot be drowned

In our veins rages blood from the old highland men
Wherever we roam we carry the love for our highland glens
The memories of the clans that made Scotland a force like no other
When all of Scotland seen each other as Brothers

Don't lose sight of the Jacobite blood in your veins
The force that stopped us from wearing anybody's chains
Born free men in a beautiful land full of wonder
The pipes in the highlands sound just like gods thunder

So remember the past as we travel forward from the present
Put Aside the anger and any dissent
Join hands across our world and pay respect to our land
Travel back to the highlands and you will certainly understand

The past built the present but the future is still to be painted
With a united Scottish heart our dreams become untainted
So I for one believe in this land
that bred a nation that has the heart to withstand