Wynono Kwahu

Poems by Les Hounsell

A Beautiful World

One day we will look across our beautiful world
see all the counties and people as all flags uncurl
United as one species leaving the fighting behind
The borders we see were made by mankind

Will this day ever come, will we ever know true peace ?
The only way to find out is for all wars to cease
But are we ready as a species to allow this to happen
Ask yourself why we fight for land and possessions

Would you share what you have with a country that's deprived ?
Or does what you have means more than their lives
most would say yes but do they really mean what they say
If we are to know peace I see no other way

As we look out our window there is only one foe
Mankind will find peace or destruction before the last snow
This is out fate, can we see it or not ?
If we cannot see what is happening in a spiral we are caught

If mankind is to survive and no longer bleed
it needs to hold out it's hand to all regardless of country or colour or creed
If this we cannot do then we like the dinosaurs will soon be extinct
for we will destroy our world before the eye blinks