Wynono Kwahu

Poems by Les Hounsell

The Wrong Path

Such a majestic creature that wants to thrive
Why should life be a struggle to only survive?
Hunted and killed for nothing more than tusk
What has life came to, don’t let this be dusk

Across the globe creatures are in danger
Don’t turn your back and become a stranger
Let the world know the love that you feel
For the world all around let your love be revealed

This is the time to stand at nature’s side
To help her survive and speak with pride
No money can buy what has already been lost
Don’t let the rest turn to no more than a ghost

Let the wild creature roam free across their land
Stand by their side and hold out your hand
Stand and protect the world where we live
Nature will thanks you and happiness give

Mankind has taken a path to the stars
But behind he has left a world full of bars
Time to change the course we are on
Each heart that remembers declares “I’m not a pawn”