Wynono Kwahu

Poems by Les Hounsell

This Is Our Home

From the depth of space I can hear the universe calling
The cold light of space I feel the love that’s installing
Child sit protected by the branches of the life giving tree
Opening eyes that once could not see

Out beyond the horizons of space
The home we once knew, that was our silent place
Brought here in love and created in grace
This is our home that we now must embrace

Love the world it's our home for now
The spirits of the past are here and allow
The energy felt is the light that they shine
Look to the soul it know all the signs

Each of us knows that life is not hollow
The spirit has the knowledge and the mind can only follow
For the essence of you is the spirit within
Not the physical being that is only the skin

The spirit within is the core of who you are
Follow you path and you won’t stray too far
The lessons we learn on the journey called life
Teaches us to respect the world and wildlife

So lay down the weapons of war that you hold
Embrace the world and let your love unfold
Remember your teachings and what you have been told
This life’s full of beauty and your love don’t withhold