Wynono Kwahu

Poems by Les Hounsell

Keep Our Planet Safe

The globe that we live on, the place we call home
Hold beauty all around no matter where we roam
From the high mountain peaks to the sea deep below
When we see these wondrous sites it make our heart glow

Then why do we treat our home the way we do
Create mountains of junk that only obscure our view
Poison our planet with byproducts from stuff we don't use
maybe it's time to think and create a final truce

Conserve what we have for it won't be here forever
Let's start to think better and the solutions will be clever
I hear many complaints regarding all of the wind farms
But are they not better than power plants that do only harm

Or maybe the tides that caress all our shores
can be used to make power and open clean doors
Solar power all around and the sun nurturing light
Can we capture more of the suns universal life

I'm sure that we can if we want this to be
The solutions exist to power our planet for free
I hope that in my lifetime I see mankind embrace this place
Before we turn our home into a cold and inhospitable space